Sprinkler Services

Are you tired of dragging hoses, moving sprinklers and fighting leaky faucets? We thought so. Let the professionals at TLC take care of all your irrigation needs. We'll help you discover the best system for both your needs and budget.

A professionally installed irrigation system is one of the best ways to beautify your landscaping and minimize water waste.

Whether you're starting from scratch, adding to an existing system or upgrading an older system, we have you covered.

We'll figure out how many stations you'll need, what your watering capacity is and how to most effectively keep your lawn green while still keeping your green. 

At TLC we use brands that have been tried and tested through years of innovation and research. We proudly install Hunter, Irritrol, and Rainbird components depending on your needs and budget. We'll make sure everything is working the way it should before we leave and come back free of charge if there's any issues. We guarantee all of our work, we're not happy until you are. 

Has your irrigation system got issues? Dry spots in some areas of the lawn and marshy messes in others. No worries, we'll do a free consultation to discuss the needs of your property and a plan to alleviate all the weekend work you've been doing. We'll have your lawn back in shape in no time. 

Spring Start-up
There's nothing worse than thinking your system is good to go and then finding out something went terribly wrong. Let our expert irrigation techs get you off on the right foot. We'll check for leaks, make necessary adjustments, set the timer for weather conditions and offer any suggestions for improving your water coverage. Got questions about your system? Don't fret, we'll help you in any way we can. 

Winterization (Blow-Outs)
When the weather turns, don't let your sprinkler system be caught out in the cold. Improperly winterized systems can cause some serious damage, anything from broken heads and sprays to cracked mainlines. We'll make sure everything is bundled up tight to withstand our northern winters.

All Season Package

Pre-pay for the season and save. We'll take care of your spring start-up, 2 summer maintenance visits to ensure all is well and we'll be back to winterize your system for the off season. We guarantee all our work. Packages start at just $189.99. Call for more details.  


No one wants to spend their weekend trying to figure out what's wrong with their irrigation system. Let our experienced irrigation technicians get to the bottom of your problem quickly. We stock most parts right on our service truck and service all brands. Whether it's a broken head, patchy dry spots, a puzzling leak or any other problem we'll get it handled. Service calls start at $45.99 for the first half hour and $60/hr. for any additional time plus parts.

About Us

The Landscape Company -TLC- is a full service landscaping company offering maintenance, design, and landscape installation throughout the Spokane area. Dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, we go the extra mile to give your landscaping the TLC it needs to flourish. 


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