Sprinkler Blow Outs & Winterization

Winter sneaks up on us here in Spokane. Without proper winterization, your sprinkler system will freeze, sprinkler heads will break, the pipes will expand, and possibly crack or blow up.
Replacing or repairing your system will cost you thousands–put your mind at ease by using TLC’s sprinkler winterization services. We’ll keep your sprinkler system safe from the harsh ravages of winter. We are a licensed and insured company, and our competitive pricing and experience have made us a trusted source for sprinkler service in the greater Spokane area. Call today to set up your sprinkler blow out.

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About Us

The Landscape Company -TLC- is a full service landscaping company offering maintenance, design, and landscape installation throughout the Spokane area. Dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, we go the extra mile to give your landscaping the TLC it needs to flourish. 


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